Embed Fintech in your products

Quick and easy way to offer financial services to your customers

Instantly create your own virtual and physical cards

An API to create cards
Control expenses, reduce operational burden, and create new lines of revenue

Enable IBAN accounts to receive and send money

Open local bank account within minutes and transfer/receive money worldwide via SEPA or SWIFT

Access PSD2 aggregation and initiation capababilities

Connect all bank accounts
Aggregate bank transactions and initiate payments via API

Fintech infrastructure as a service

Enabling businesses to offer banking services

Use cases

How customers are leveraging Pigari Whitelabel Platform?


Riders and drivers can use corporate cards with custom spend controls that only approve transactions at the courier’s assigned merchant


Create one-time and multi-use virtual cards, enabling them to handle payments for clients’ travel expenses while restricting spend to hotels, airlines, and car services


Offer to your employees virtual and physical expense cards, programmed with custom spend controls that can be configured to specific company policies


Connect all customers bank accounts. Integrate banking transactions within your bookkeeping software easily via PSD2


Enable your customers to open a bank account which is directly connected to your tax software so you can order payments via API


Offer your employees perks and benefits via corporate cards which seamlessly connect with your HR software and payroll systems

We deal with infrastructure, not you

Pigari allows you to prioritise a customer understanding and distribution strategy, rather than banking infrastructure and payments expertise

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