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Customise control

The finance team sets approval workflows & spending policies.

Invite your teams.

Managers control the budget and approve their team's expenses.

Start spending.

Flexible payment methods make it easy to pay online & on the go.

Admin is on autopilot.

Notifications, receipt reminders & payment categorization are handled automatically.

Grab a coffee & breathe easy.

You can see where all the money goes in real-time.

Benefits that fit your needs

Easy to start,
easy to scale

Once approved, you can use your card right away

Stop sharing cards among employees

Enable virtual or plastic corporate cards for all

Custom spending policies

Define custom rights and limits for each employee

Receipt and invoice matching

Leverage our OCR to save time on data entry

Smart dashboard software

Real-time notifications and follow up with employees

Seamless ERP integrations

Avoid repetitive data entry with a one-click export

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Secure payments and fraud detection

Automatically detect suspicious transactions

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